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Yogee Yoga & Meditation Studio HTML Template

Table of contents

Folder Structure

Within the template you’ll find the following folders:

/dist (production ready HTML/CSS/JS files)
/src (SASS/JS source files when using build process)

HTML Structure

This responsive theme built with on UIkit 3.2 so please refer to original docs for more info and components use

The template consists of:

dist/index.html - Home page

Header navigation link are located within the <nav> tag, active page link has "uk-active" class assigned dynamically using scrollspy JS.

Copyright can be edited inside the <footer> tag: Social icon link example:

<a href="" data-uk-icon="icon: instagram" class="uk-icon-link"></a>

All available icons are documented here:

CSS File and Structure

To modify the look and feel of the template, edit the SASS files located in src/scss/ folder.

src/scss/main.scss - Main template styles file that imports partial SASS files

If you would like to edit a specific Uikit component, you can either: override SASS variables in src/scss/_variables.scss or modify/create a custom class in src/scss/_mixins.scss.

For the list of all available variables and mixins in Uikit see the following files: node_modules/uikit/src/scss/variables.scss

Using Build Process

We used CodeKit and Npm for build process. Run the following npm commands using terminal in root template directory:

npm install (run once to install UIKit and awesomplete dependencies)

Note: npm must be first installed globally, see npm site CodeKit is then used to compile template source files (KIT/SASS/JS) in root folder.


The following scripts are loaded before the body closing tag:

The following script is loaded head tag:

dist/js/uikit.js - Contains main UIkit scripts and icons dist/js/custom.js - Contains datepicker script, also add your custom Javascript here. Datepicker documentation can be hound here

Detailed UIkit script documentation is located here

Manually Overriding Files

If you decide to manually modify CSS/JS files (not recommended) use /dist folder. If you would like to edit a specific component of the site, simply check the table of contents in the main.css template file, and then scroll down until you find the appropriate style that needs to be edited.

If you would like to edit the primary color of the theme you should do “Replace all” color #e7e87c with the desired one.


Template uses UIkit front-end framework version 3, documentation is located here:


Depending on where you purchased the product, contact us:

  • Creative Market: Contact us through “Ask a question” button on the products page on Creative Market
  • Gumroad: The purchase receipt contains our contact email address

Customer support is provided for up to six months from the purchase date and is provided Monday to Friday during the business week. We aim to answer all support requests daily, most are handled within 24h.

Before contacting support please:

  • Read this documentation
  • Describe your problem in detail
  • Include links
  • Attach screenshot

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