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Install the dependencies with Bundler:

bundle install

Run the following to generate your site:

bundle exec jekyll serve

You can find more on Deployment Methods page on Jekyll website.

Build process

Install UIkit font end framework dependency via Npm:

npm install

Enable live browser reload with the following:

bundle exec jekyll s --livereload

Use the following commands to compile js scripts:

npm run dev

Compile and minify:

npm run build


To modify the primary color, open /_sass/theme/variables.scss and replace the color values e.g.:

$global-primary-background:                   #de7a93;

Further style customisation can be done in the following files:



Create an author collection post in _authors folder:

title:          John Nolten
username:       john
default:        true
bio:            Writer at WorkBox Publishing, parent, aminal lover and avid coffee drinker.


Set in the page sidebar and footer sidebar widgets in _data/sidebars.yml. Chose from the following widgets: categories, recent, authors, about, links.

Edit copyright notice in about widget in _config.yml:


Update favicon

You can find the current favicon (favicon.png) inside the theme /uploads/ directory, just replace it with your new favicon.

Set in the main navigation links in _data/navigation_header.yml:

  - title: About
    url: /about/

Adding images to posts

To add an image to a post or page use the following codes: Local image from /uploads/ directory:

{% include image.html img="girl.jpg" alt="Alt for image" caption="Girl on a rock" %}

External wide image with lightbox:

{% include image.html img="" lightbox="true" alt="Alt for image" caption="Image in lightbox" %}


The following post front matter variables are available:

title: Best tech companies to work for in 2019
image: post-image.jpg       # Upload the image to uploads directory
categories: [business]      # Same as category post tag
tag: [spotlight, featured]  # Optional: spotlight tag adds post to spotlight section, featured tag add post to featured section
hidden: true                # Optional: exlude the post from blog page posts
author: sarah               # Reference author username


To create a category, create a new post inside the _category directory and add the following YAML Front Matter:

tag: business
permalink: "/category/business/"

Google Anaytics

To enable Google Anaytics, add the following lines to your Jekyll site:

  google_analytics: UA-NNNNNNNN-N

Google Analytics will only appear in production, i.e., JEKYLL_ENV=production

Disqus Comments

Optionally, if you have a Disqus account, you can tell Jekyll to use it to show a comments section below each post. To enable it, add the following lines to your Jekyll site:

    shortname: my_disqus_shortname

You can find out more about Disqus’ shortnames here.

Comments are enabled by default and will only appear in production, i.e., JEKYLL_ENV=production. If you don’t want to display comments for a particular post you can disable them by adding comments: false to that post’s YAML Front Matter.

Contact Form


Submit the form and confirm your email address at FormSpree. Then add the following include to a page, replacing the email address:

{% include formspree.html email="" redirect="/thanks/" name="true" subject="true" %}



Customer support is provided through our Envato item support tab for up to six months from the purchase date and is provided Monday to Friday during the business week. We aim to answer all support requests daily, most are handled within 24h.

Please note items downloaded from Envato Elements are not supported so you will be unable to get assistance with technical questions, installation, third-party assets or direct guidance.

Before contacting support please:

  • Read this documentation
  • Describe your problem in detail
  • Include links
  • Attach screenshot

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